Real Beauty.

Cynthia Hendrix

Cynthia Hendrix

As she walked across the front of the room I didn’t have some huge epiphany or some grand “love at first sight” moment, but she did grab my attention.  I got that giddy feeling that feels like your stomach just became a string on Steve Martin’s banjo and the hairs on the back of my neck did their best impression of a scene from Save the Last Dance.  What can I say, my wife still has that affect on me almost eight years later.

Yesterday, was her 26th birthday.  I can’t tell you how honored I am to be able to call her wife.  Stunningly beautiful, brilliantly brainy, and morally solid she is the most wonderful thing (second only to Jesus) that has ever happened to me.  Yes, I think I just turned my wife into a verb.  That being said I would “Cyn” everday if I could…

I want to share just a bit about her.  Most of you know me through my intollerably long rants and my crazy and sometimes crass posts, but could you imagine living with that LOL!  God knew she would have to “ease” into it, so for the first two years of our marriage she has amazingly split time between me and her school.  She currently spends her weeks in Savannah finishing pharmacy school and drives home every weekend just to see me!  I told you she was wonderful.  Needless to say this wouldn’t be possible in the least without the wonderful use of technology and the fact that we can stay in constant contact via phones and computers.  However, it still takes its toll.

The strength of this woman is amazing.  To be able to do what she does week in and week out is nothing short of a miracle.  I can only say that God was SHOWIN’ OFF when He made that one! So in honor of my wife’s graduation from college (it’s exactly 29 days 7 hrs and 39 minutes from now (at the time of this post)) and her birthday yesterday I thought I would let you guys know just how blessed I am … and how much you should envy me!


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  1. 1 guy

    slam dunk, friend. may she forever be personified sunshine to you.

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