The Getaway


Just a note on a personal level.

I took my wife away for a night to Hilton Head Island. We had a tremendous time together and ate some of the best food ever. But I want to make a side note that maybe we can all learn from.

Yesterday as we were leaving we stopped at Fuddruckers to eat. Food was fine, no complaints. But on the way in I was socially accosted by a time share salesman. I was accosted in a most unusual way. He was overly nice, like in the annoying “I want to eat … would you please shut up and leave me alone so I can” kind of way. Upon leaving the restaurant I actually devised a way to avoid him by calling someone on my cell phone. It’s sad when you have to plan your escape from a restaurant.

It got me thinking. How often do we pitch our message, our leadership, and our heretical ideas when all someone is wanting is to eat? While I’m the first to promote radicalism and extremist behavior, I also believe that you have to make people ask a question rather than forcing your idea down their throat.

I know I’ll be watching who I’m force feeding and who’s asking for more. I don’t ever want my team to look for ways to escape from me and instead to look for ways to run to me.


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